Mech Controls/Switches

Spreadsheet containing controls I am planning on including in cockpit     Mech SimPit Switches (XLS)

  • Where appropriate, I have included the “group” or panel name indicating they would be situated in the same panel as other like controls.
  • They will be wired to a GP-Wiz40 USB controllers from Groovy Game Gear.
  • Still unsure where in cockpit each panel will be mounted.
  • Controls come from:
    • BT novels
    • BT technical manuals
    • Previous Mechwarrior game controls
    • When open beta for MW:O starts, controls in MW:O



The Purpose

I will be using this blog to document my project to build a ‘Mech cockpit.


  • Fully enclosed
    • 64″L x 62″W x 64″H (+space in front of cockpit for maintenance access)
      • Cable mode, wireless router, computer, monitors access
    • 2×4 frame with 1×1 as skeleton to hold the 1/2″ MDF “skin”
    • Battleship gray & blue interior along with black
  • 3 monitors (AMD Eyefinity)
    • Unsure of size as of yet
  • Joystick/throttle/pedals
    • Force feedback a bonus
  • Actual switches, buttons, knobs that work
    • Will post spreadsheet with different panels and the controls on each panel
  • Start up checklist akin to any aircraft (but closely modeling the A-10C)
  • Battle Computer interface
    • USB port for “BattleROM” (USB key that will provide credentials)
    • USB camera (for face-recognition software)
    • Combination of face-recognition and inserted USB key will grant access to the computer
  • Cabin and tactical lighting
    • White light for general use
    • Blue LED for gaming
    • Blue back lighting on monitors
  • Ventilation (Life Support)
    • Intake fan in back wall
    • Exhaust fan in front behind monitors
  • 5.1 Surround Audio
    • Speakers will be hidden behind industrial-looking vents
  • Buttkicker Gamer 2
  • Insulated (sound reduction)
  • Comfy office chair converted to cockpit seating
    • Remove arm rests
  • Pocket door
  • Hula girl

This is not something I will be physically starting on for quite a while but I am already doing research into electronics, construction, and BT universe canon. I will also have to see what options MWO will support.

I plan soon to start posting the various links to all the reference material I have found useful thus far as well as my cockpit design I am creating with Google Sketchup.